Public Notice

Public Notice

Posted on 5th March, 2012


It has come to our attention that certain individuals are illegally obtaining money from registered ETrs purporting to be in a position to issue letters of recommendation to banks to facilitate opening of bank accounts. We have also received complaints regarding demand letters written to ETrs asking them to pay subscription fees supposedly to NGO networks or representative bodies. We wish to advise as follows....

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Fees Charged for services offered at the ETrs Co-ordination Board
       No Service Description Amount Charged   
1 Application for approval of name (name search) 500.00
2 Application for registration
(a) International 22,000.00
(b) National 11,000.00
3 Application for replacement of lost or destroyed certificate
(a) International 10,000.00
(b) National 10,000.00
4 Application for reinstatement after cancellation for non-compliance 25,000.00
5 Giving notice of change or officer or change of title 2,000.00
6 Issue of new certificate where name has changed
(a) International 12,000.00
(b) National 10,000.00
7 Annual returns filing fee 1,000.00
8 Forwarding by Board, of application for work permit 16,000.00
9 Issue of a letter, by Board, to a bank or financial institution in respect of opening of a bank account 2,000.00
10 Inspection for the register or a document lodged with the Board relating to an organization 2,000.00
11 Provision of application form by Board 200.00
12 Notice of dissolution 2,000.00
13 Copy of documents
(a) Per document 2,000.00
(b) Per file 10,000.00
  14 Change of status from National to International 11,000.00  
  15 Penalty for non submission of annual returns for each year defaulted 25,000.00  
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