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  NGO Name Email Stage
SELECT Ability Missions Development Alliance (AMDA)   Registered
SELECT Information Training and Outreach Centre for Africa, Kenya (ITOCA-KENYA)   Registered
SELECT Institute of Communication and Development International ICDI)   Registered
SELECT Biomass Energy Development Africa (BEDA)   Registered
SELECT Electoral Institute for the Sustainability of Democracy in Africa (EISA)   Registered
SELECT Healing the Healers Counseling Centre and Training Institute   Registered
SELECT Kosmos Solutions International   Registered
SELECT Fahari Organization   Registered
SELECT Weaverbird Foundation   Registered
SELECT Ujamaa na Watoto Wenye Haki Initiative   Registered
SELECT Safe Way Right Way   Registered
SELECT Sports Culture and Environmental Youth Association (SCEYA)   Registered
SELECT Help Needy Kenyan Children   Registered
SELECT Oasis of Peace Village   Registered
SELECT Partners in Community Resource Mobilization and Deelopment (PACREMOD)   Registered
SELECT Migori Development and Community Empowerment Organization (MIDACE)   Registered
SELECT Homa Bay Network Development Programme (HOMANET)   Registered
SELECT Adiedo Hope Project   Registered
SELECT Life to the Lifeless Organization   Registered
SELECT Camara Educational Foundation   Registered
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