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Registration, Monitoring and Coordination
This is one of the core functions of the Board. There is a continuous effort to review the registration process to ensure quality services to clients, elicit views from clients on services offered through occasional exit interviews, questionnaires and suggestion boxes. This involves

  1. Receiving applications for ETrs registration and make recommendations to the Board
  2. Maintaining an updated computerized data base with relevant information on ETrs and their activities in Kenya
  3. Providing post registration services such as bank letters, change of officials etc
  4. Setting standards and guidelines for NGO reporting based on level of funding
  5. Setting standards for ETrs finance and human resource management
  6. Receiving and analyzing ETrs annual returns
  7. Following up through field visits on the basis of reports received
  8. Developing reports based on information received and field visits
  9. Receiving and investigating complaints of impropriety by ETrs and makes recommendations for further action to the Board
  10. Setting up standards for practices, systems and structures for ETrs program development, implementation and governance.
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