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Report Corruption

In order to protect you as a whistle blower, ETrs Co-ordination Board has implemented an internationally certified web-based reporting system that guarantees you a completely secure and anonymous reporting.
The Business Keeper Monitoring System (BKMS®) is the only recognized anonymous whistle blower system in the world and is not email-based. Its anonymity has been certified by forensic investigators in Germany and it is recognized by Transparency International, United Nations Global Compact and United Nations Convention against Corruption (UNCAC).

This system is in use at the state office of criminal investigations in Germany and in 29 countries for the German Telekom among other organizations.

The BKMS system assures you of two major benefits:
Anonymity & information confidentiality – The transfer of data from you to the system as well as from the ETrs Co-ordination Board report analyst to the system is carried out by means of standard and specially developed encryption technologies. This ensures:
1. Your identity as a whistle blower is hidden
2. Your report will remain confidential and can only be accessed by ETrs Co-ordination Board

Anonymous Dialogue – After submitting your report, you have the option to create an anonymous postbox from where you can access feedback from the ETrs Co-ordination Board report analyst telling you about the progress of your report or receive messages in case there is need for more clarifications and details. This creates a dialogue between you and ETrs Co-ordination Board and since the messages are encrypted, also the dialogue remains secure and anonymous unless you voluntarily decide to disclose your identity, which will be held in confidence by ETrs Co-ordination Board.

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