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Records Search

Under section 31 of the ETrs Regulations 1992, any member of the public is allowed to inspect the files and the documents therein of any registered organization during normal working hours. They can also obtain copies of documents in the files.
To conduct a records search a letter should be written to the ED of the NGOB stating the name of the applicant as well as the organization whose details they wish to search and the information they seek.
The applicant can decide whether to carry out the records search themselves or have the Board conduct it on their behalf. This will be upon a requisite payment of Kenya Shillings Three Thousand (KES 3000)
If the applicant decides to conduct the search he/ she will be provided with the facilities to conduct the search. Applicants can request to copy specific documents or the contents of a file provided and will be provided upon payment of the requisite fees i.e. Kenya Shillings One Thousand (KES 1000) per folio, and will be and will provide for under Requirements.
If the documents required exceed ten folios then a flat rate Kenya Shillings Ten Thousand (KES 10,000) shall be levied on the applicant.