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1. Application for reservation of a name is made on Form 2 (F-2)

2. Applicants are expected to propose three (3) names in order of priority for the organization to be registered.

3. Processing fee of KES 1000.

4. Once a name has been approved, it is reserved for a period of sixty (60) days.

5. An applicant can renew the reservation on the expiry of the name reservation period for a further sixty (60) days on payment of a further Kenya Shillings Five hundred (KES 1000).


Once a name search has been conducted and a name reserved, an applicant files a formal application for registration. The following REGISTRATION REQUIREMENTS must be met:

  1. Reserve name by filling in Form2upon payment of Kes.1000/=.
    2. Duly filled Form in original Forms providing Information on contact details of the proposed organization, details of the 3 top officials, the charitable objective of the organization and list of other board members.
    3. Duly filled form1 stating the organizations contact person.
    4. Form 1 and Form3 are issued upon payment of Kes.400/= (all downloaded forms 1 & 3 shall only be accepted upon payment of Kes.400/=)
    5. Two colored passport size photographs on a white background (2 by 2 inches) of the proposed 3 officials and two other board members with their names and organization written at the back
    6. Copy of ID/Passport and KRA PIN Certificates for the 5 proposed officials and Board members
    7. At least One third (1/3) of all the board members MUST be Kenyan for all foreign based ETrs.
    8. Submit a Copy of a valid police clearance (certificate of Good Conduct including the finger prints and receipts) for Kenyans and equivalent notarized clearance certificate for Foreigners from their Country of Origin (MUST not be more than six (6) months Old).
    9. Constitution of the proposed NGO/INGO it must be signed by both the proposed three (3) officials and the two (2) board members Two (2) copies must be submitted)
    10. Please note that all the two (2) constitutions must be signed by all the proposed board members on the execution page and by at least one of the proposed officials on each and every page.
    11. Minutes authorizing the filling of the application with a specific agenda and resolution to register the organization as an NGO with the ETrs Board. Election of the interim officials MUST form part of the Agenda.
    12. A Processing fee of KSH. 16,000/= for national ETrs and KSH.30,000/= for International ETrs
    13. All applications MUST be accompanied with a proposed one year budget
    13. All applications MUST be accompanied by a forwarding letter
    14. All applications MUST contain ORIGINAL signatures of the officials and members as applicable
    15. All applications should either be typed or filled in block letters.

Important Notes
1. Applications can obtain the prototype constitution by downloading the same from Downloads Page.
2. If the Applicant organization has a previous registration / Incorporation, an applicant is required to produce a notarized copy of the relevant registration certificate. In addition, this should be accompanied by a letter of the Organization from the board of such an Organization.
3. For Organizations with previous registrations under any other written Law in Kenya, a certificate of dissolution from the registering authority MUST be tendered and / or filled with ETrs board for the application to be accepted.
4. Applicants are encouraged to use the prototype constitution available on the ETrs Coordination board website. Please note that constitutions that do not follow the prototype may take longer to review.