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Change of Officials

All applications both first time and Renewals MUST be accompanied by a Criminal Clearance Certificate
an equivalent of a certificate of good conduct in Kenya from the applicant’s Country of origin.
i. Submit original minutes authorizing the change of office bearers signed by both outgoing and incoming officials.
Execution of Minutes:
a) Minutes should be submitted within 14 days from the date of meeting.
b) Minutes should have an agenda of incorporation of new members if new members are been brought in the organization and were never in our records.
c) Minutes should also indicate the process of bringing in new officials if it was through elections, expiry of term, disciplinary decision, resignation or death. You can also specify other reasons which are not indicated here.
d) The meeting for changes can either be Annual General Meeting or Special General Meeting depending on the reason for changes.
e) Minutes extracts or resolutions communicated in the absence of full minutes are not accepted.
ii. Dully filled Form 13 by both outgoing and incoming officials should be properly executed to avoid the changes not to be confirmed.
iii. Form 3 filled and signed by incoming officials only, the particulars of the incoming official should be properly filled and legible.
iv. 2 passport size photographs of the incoming officials on a white background.
v. A copy of the ID/Passport of the incoming official(s)
vi. In case of death there should be a copy of the death certificate, Affidavit from the local Administration, Eulogy or copy of newspaper advertisement from any of the local dailies.
vii. Processing fee of Kshs.4000
viii. Outgoing Officials to be informed of the changes.

N.B 1. At least one Kenyan MUST hold a substantive position i.e chairperson or treasurer

2. In the formation of the board at least 1/3 of the board members MUST be Kenyan for foreign based ETrs