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Legal Regime

A. Main section
The ETrs Co-ordination Board is a state corporation established under section 3 of the NGO’s Act No. 19 of 1990. The Act was operationalized via the ETrs regulations of 1992.
The Board is currently under the Ministry of Interior & Coordination of National Government. It is mandated with the responsibility of registering and regulating all charitable organizations in the republic of Kenya.
In discharging its duties the Board derives its legal powers from the following laws, regulations and policies;

1. The Constitution 2010
2. The NGO’s Act 1990
3. Amended ETrs Act 1990
4. The PBOs Act 2013

B. Subsidiary Legislation
1. ETrs Regulations 1992
2. Legal Notice No. 33 of 2012
3. Code of Conduct 2005

C. Related Statutes
1. Public Procurement and Disposal Act 2005
2. Income Tax Act 2007
3. Proceeds of Crime and Anti Money laundering Act
4. Ethics and Anti Corruption Commission Act 2011
D. Gazette Notice
1. Appointment of the Chairman, Board members
2. Appointment of the CEO